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The calendar year for the Lafayette County Judiciary is divided into two terms. The beginning days of each term are January 1st and July 1st. The terms help organize the management of petit jury selection which is done through an automated process. In this process, the State of Missouri has established a master list to which names drawn from the Director of Revenue driver’s list, the Missouri Voter’s Registration List and the county’s personal property tax list have been added. It is from this master list that a determined number of names are selected and to whom questionnaires are issued. Once the questionnaires are received, the Board of Jury Commissioners reviews each of them for qualification purposes.

For cases utilizing the privilege of a trial by jury, a jury pool is created from the questionnaire group. The selected names are issued a summons that details the time, date and place of their requested appearance. As the information on the summons indicates, you are encouraged to call 660-259-6101 after 6:00 PM the night before the appearance date to get up-to-date information about the trial’s status, or view the information as updated on this page. For those jurors who have provided e-mail addresses, you can expect to receive a status update by e-mail as well.

LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Mo. – Beginning in October, prospective jurors in Lafayette County can choose to communicate with the court by text or e-mail, as the Lafayette County Circuit Court implements the new Show-Me Jury system.

The Lafayette County Circuit Court will mail new Show-Me Jury summonses starting in OCTOBER, 2018, for jury service beginning JANUARY, 2019.

“A big benefit to the public will be the ease of contacting and communicating with the courts, and in particular, with the clerks managing the jury processes,” Deana Aversman, Circuit Clerk, said. “Although Show-Me Jury is not completely paperless, it allows our potential jurors to do more online and choose how they want the court to let them know if they have been excused or disqualified for serving or if their service has been postponed or canceled. It has really made jury service so much more convenient for our citizens.”

Here is how Missouri’s new Show-Me Jury system works:

The circuit court still sends the summons for jury service through the postal mail.
When potential jurors receive these materials, they now can go online at www.courts.mo.gov/ejuror to complete their juror qualification forms. This online questionnaire lets them choose their preferred method of communication with the court – whether by postal service, e-mail or even text message.
Potential jurors who believe they are not qualified for jury service under state law can follow the online instructions to submit their necessary documentation electronically.
For potential jurors who provide the appropriate contact information, the Lafayette County Circuit Clerk’s office can notify them by text message or e-mail before they report for service if their service is no longer is needed.

For potential jurors who do not have access to a computer or who prefer not to communicate information electronically, they may call the Lafayette County Circuit Clerk’s office to request paper copies of questionnaires. They can also still call the court’s automated telephone messaging system and/or check the court’s website for information related to date specific trials.

Missouri courts do not require anyone to provide confidential information over the telephone call or by e-mail. The Show-Me Jury system is designed to give citizens a choice how they want to communicate with their local courts about potential jury service. Any telephone call or e-mail threatening the recipient with fines or jail time for failure to comply are fraudulent, are in no way connected with Missouri courts and should be reported to local law enforcement officials.

“Juries are a hallmark of the American justice system, and we truly appreciate the willingness of our citizens to serve as jurors,” Aversman said. “Through the Show-Me Jury system, we hope to make that service much easier and more convenient.”

The new Show-Me Jury system was piloted in the St. Louis city circuit court beginning in February 2017. The Lafayette County Circuit Court is the 15th court to implement the Show-Me Jury system so far.